Commercial Security Systems – Essential Elements

Commercial Security Systems – Essential Elements


commercial security systems for business

Commercial security systems are designed to protect all types of business establishments. Thus these systems are individually set-up to address the security concerns of each particular business; there is no one size fits all solution. There are quite a few elements of good commercial security systems for business and here are some of the most essential:

The first and most important element of good commercial security systems is the involvement of security experts. Each type of business has its own set of security needs which only a security expert can properly assess. Planning and installation of commercial security systems should always be done under the advice of a good security company or freelance security professional. A good place to start your search for security experts is the members list of organizations like the Association of Professional Security Agencies.

Access control is also a key element. You need to restrict physical access to specific areas of your premises to allow only people who need to be there. Toward this end there should be physical barriers, identification systems, and even monitoring systems in place to stop unauthorized access. Data access control should also be implemented to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands; sometimes theft of resources is preceded by leaks of sensitive data.

Installing CCTV as part of your security system deters crime. People who would attempt to break in are discouraged by the presence of security cameras. These cameras also help keep your own employees honest; they would avoid stealing or goofing off when they know somebody could be watching what they are doing. It would help to have some of these cameras wirelessly connected to recording and viewing equipment via the internet. That way data can be streamed to a safe offsite location in real time and business owners can check video content remotely via computers and smart phones.

Intrusion alarm systems should be set up at strategic points of entry. The detectors should be connected to a central control station manned 24/7 by security professionals. An important part of the security procedure is the set of instruction given to the security monitoring company on how to handle intrusions and attempted break-ins. There should be specific instruction on who to inform, and when to call for police assistance. At times fire alarm monitoring may be bundled with security monitoring packages.

Advanced video analytics software can help identify situations of interest without a human watching the video all the time. Such software can even be programmed to inform security personnel when it detects anything suspicious. Among the uses for video analytics include counting people in the premises, traffic flow monitoring, fire detection, face recognition and license plate recognition.

In the end the decision on which features are required to secure your business premises depends on your particular situation; if you are in the business of supplying gravel you would require less security than a jewelry store. But unless you have lots of experience in security, you would be better off consulting a security expert to help determine, plan, and implement the commercial security solution that you need.

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