Softchoice, Elite IT Services Solution Provider for Edmonton

Softchoice, Elite IT Services Solution Provider for Edmonton


A giant in it services Edmonton knows pretty well, Softchoice, has been listed on the Tech Elite list by CRN. Among the hundreds, Softchoice has been named for the second year running. They were noted for their inclusion of the human touch in delivering Mtextbox, It Services and beyond. This is evident in how they design, communicate and deliver services to their clients. They have given jobs to more than a thousand in army of employees and deliver services to hundreds of thousands companies and individuals in Canada and the USA.


The single act of being mentioned among the 250 companies offering elite level of IT services to their clients brings much needed energy into the company, they said this in a statement after the list was published by The Channel Company. The list was put together by the curators in effort to act as a catalyst between the companies worth mentioning and their clients, who deserve knowing which companies are offering the best of their required services.

Robert Faletra, who represents The Channel Company as their CEO opened up to the criteria used to put the list together and could not have placed any better than us or anyone for that matter. The main reason why companies appear on the list is because they would have shown their willingness to deliver the highest quality of services to their clients. As IT services providers come in many shapes and colors, this list cannot be ranked as no competition is being held, instead, appearing on the list certifies good customer service. Companies appearing on the list also get the pressure of living up to their celebrated levels of IT service provider statuses, Edmonton based clients will enjoy this said quality.

While their appearance on this list will boost how clients view Softchoice, they have a lot of other appearances on lists from providers of services they support to let clients know how serious they approach their requirements. Partners like Cisco, Microsoft, VmWare and Dell have all acknowledged the level of excellence that Softchoice strives to maintain.

Among some of the services currently being offered by Softtouch, having looked at what their clients say they are getting, these stick out;

  • Consultation on projects and computer services for companies and individuals.
  • They have technologists with implementation knowledge and quality oriented results,
  • Managed IT services for customers that want the best standards for their work teams.
  • Product distribution from reputable brands as well as support of such.

They have been known to bring a lot of advantages to clients that partner with them and on the receiving end of services. The previous years have smiled on them, as seen from appearing on the elite list, will this stay constant in coming years? What with more technologies being released and competition learning from them on how to deal with clients, we just have to wait and see. Perhaps this will just make services cheaper and better for clients, who wouldn’t love that?