Top Managed Service Providers Warned About Distributing Security Services

Top Managed Service Providers Warned About Distributing Security Services


top thinkingIn the recent successfully held Managed Service Providers conference that ended on the 5th of April, a lot of recognition was shown for the potential that lies in the field of network security provision for companies. That could not any more accurate as companies scramble to get all the security they can before having to pay ransom for their own infrastructure. It has been the trend recently; newspapers, blogs and even security magazines have high profile attacks on well known centers of business. Data breaches and extortion measures, all these are daily news and eventuality waiting to happen to even the most secure of companies as they gain in complexity.

The CEO of MSPAlliance, warned all would be security providers to the current void to be very careful when serving the new requirements of companies. The spread of requirements is now thinner and transcends the banking sectors for which security was most optimized in the past. Now, more than ever, security is required at a car dealership or hospital to comparable intensities as it is required at a financial institution.

While there is no risk in being over protected, some industries are still to be matched with services that would save them not only from the attacks, but also from the huge spends that are asked for with such protection. Running a security focused company in today’s environment, as expressed by Mr. Peter Kujawa, CEO of a successful MSP doing just that, is a huge task. Not only is there an extremely high demand for computer security engineers all over making keeping them on your team an act equivalent to bleeding money, the just is too much your company requires in order to stay in the game.


Other speakers at the conference also spoke in the same manner, alerting even the top managed service providers of the need to think considerably longer before setting up a department to run security errands for clients. Huge investments in paying the security experts from the start to having as many service levels as possibly your entire client list, are also reasons to be wary of as advised by Kujawa. He clearly led the room full of CEOs and other dignitaries into thought when he dared the wanna be types to prepare for the biggest human resource bill and infrastructure investments of their lives is they were to take up security.

Top managed services providers such as Opus, represented at the conference by their CEO – Eric Hulbert were in sync with the view and exclaimed that indeed, the industry has very steep entrance requirements. Most small companies have their only option into the industry through partnerships with other small companies with the same ambitions. 2016 has a long way to go, so do companies willing to offer security services for the new and upcoming threats that are almost inevitable at some point in their businesses journeys. With time, the cost could get lower, bust as things stand, suching into securty services provision could spell the end to a small and even top managed service providers.