Tracking Devices for Vehicle: How To Have One Efficient Device?

Tracking Devices for Vehicle: How To Have One Efficient Device?


Tracking devices for vehicle

One does not want to spend too much for a vehicle GPS system to keep track of it. He or she can still link it up with those satellites up there without putting too much strain on the wallet. An individual will only need a GPS-equipped mobile phone and some cables.

Tracking devices for vehicle can cost hundreds of dollars and installation is not included, plus, one also needs to spend more on activation as well as the monthly fees. Depending on the security features that one will avail, the amount will skyrocket.

So, to have that cheap tracking devices for vehicle, here are the steps to be performed:

  1. The phone needed here is not a hi-tech one. As long as there is a GPS feature, it will suffice. An old handset lying around, collecting dust, can be a great tracking unit. If there is none, head over the nearest mobile phone shop and buy the cheapest handset that is GPS capable.

  2. Regardless of the unit that will be used, Internet access should be enabled. Run through the manual on how to activate it. The Internet is needed to transmit the data.

  3. Adjust the phone settings. Since this is just for vehicle tracking purposes, ringer, vibration alert, keypad tone and other several things are not needed. Keep it quiet, no point in giving a warning to those thieves.

  4. Select a tracking/mapping service like InstaMapper. It is totally free and can be installed over-the-air. Another option is AccuTracking, but it is a subscription-based that will run for $6 per month. Download and install the application.

  5. Launch the GPS Tracker, enter the device id (from the InstaMapper account) and click “save.” If it asks for permission to access the GPS chip, just select “yes.” The status of the application will change from “Locating” to “Tracking.” Once it is done, simply head over to InstaMapper’s website to locate the phone.

  6. This is the step where it comes tricky, one needs to hard-wire the phone to the vehicle’s battery so it will not run out of juice. One may need to purchase a vehicle charging system for the specific phone model. The trick here is finding a 12V circuit in the vehicle that is NOT always on. Tapping it on with an ALWAYS ON circuit may drain the vehicle battery. If a professional installer is needed, then so be it. Let the experts handle this particular step

  7. Once it has its own charging system, it is now time to hide the stash away. It will be useless if it can be seen easily. Find the perfect place for it.

To check out the home-made tracking device, a lot of websites can help. This is a very simple tracking device, but it can be very effective. As long as it can receive a signal from the carrier network, it will continuously send out its location on the website and can keep track of the beloved vehicle anytime, anywhere. The cash that have been saved can then be used for other accessories for the vehicle.